Online booking

for MCA Sections & Affiliates

Please review the Covid information here for advice about your event.

Online booking for the Liston Hall rooms is currently available only for MCA sections & affiliates. Please click here to go to the Skedda system to view the availability calendar and log in.


​Paper booking forms can continue to be used if you prefer. However we hope that you will find the online booking facility convenient and useful.  Please contact the office if you’d like to be registered for an account.


Step-by-step instructions on how to make a booking in Skedda are available here.  While the system is easy to use, it is important that you read and follow the instructions as they include useful details that may not be obvious and also specify some ‘house rules’ that must be followed. 


Hands-on training is available if required. Requests for this and any feedback on the system or process should be sent to or contact the office. 


Key points


When you make an online booking, you are agreeing, on behalf of the user of the booked spaces, to the full terms & conditions of hire as detailed here


You will receive an email notification when you make a booking and also when any changes are made. 


Session timings and prices are exactly the same as for bookings made via the form. If you need a variation from the standard pattern, then you will need to contact the office. 


Bookings can be made up to 720 days in advance i.e. into 2022 and beyond.  The system is now applying 2021 rates.  Any bookings made for 2022 or later before the relevant rate is decided will reflect 2021 prices and will be corrected in the office as needed when the new rates are available.


Provisional bookings can be made, identified as such in the title (see step-by-step instructions) but must be cancelled or confirmed within 14 days as usual.


As has always been the case for sections & affiliates, a 50% charge will be made if a booking is cancelled between three and six weeks of the hire date with the full charge due if cancelled within three weeks of hire date. However the system will allow you to cancel up to 28 days before the hire date to enable bookings to be made for other user groups. The office will deal with cancellation charges when processing your invoices.

Payment for bookings will be handled as now on receipt of an invoice.