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Rooms for Hire

Liston Hall has 3 main spaces for hire - the Main Hall and the Garden Room each of which has access to the fully equipped kitchen, and the Thames Room with its own small kitchen.   The Bruce Room is also available for hire. 

A live availability calendar is online here, accessible to everyone 24 hours a day.


The Main Hall, the Garden Room and the kitchen are accessed through the main door of Liston Hall and are suitable for wheelchair users. Full toilet facilities are, of course, available.


The kitchen can be booked independently, but is more usually booked with the Hall or the Garden Room. It can be shared between the two if one or both bookings are only for tea and coffee.

The Thames Room is self-contained with a separate outside entrance with steps; it does not have wheelchair access. It has a small kitchen of its own and a unisex toilet shared with the Bruce Room.


The Bruce Room has a separate outside entrance with stepped access. It shares a unisex toilet with the Thames Room.

All rooms have free WiFi internet access. In addition, the following resources are bookable (keys are required) and may attract a charge and/or a deposit:

  •       hearing loop

  •       sound system in the Main Hall

  •       piano (which must stay in the Main Hall)

  •       lectern

  •       plates & bowls (approx. 120 of each)

  •       a new short-throw digital projector (for a small charge)

  •       a second digital projector 

  •       extension cable and cable covers

The projectors come with VGA-VGA and HDMI-HDMI cables.  If you wish to project from a Mac or other device without either a VGA or HDMI output, you will need to provide an adaptor. Cable covers must be used for trailing cables.

Please click on the links above or the photos to see more details of the rooms including their capacity, numbers of tables & chairs and other equipment. 

We would be happy to show you around our facilities to view the rooms and to ensure you select a room or rooms that will suit your requirements.  Please call in or contact the office during opening hours.


Main Hall

Garden Room 1.JPG

Garden Room

Thames Room 2.JPG

Thames Room


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