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Booking & conditions

In the next few months, MCA is planning to change the booking system we use. To prepare for this, please contact the office for availability and bookings for 2025. The current availability & booking process is unchanged for 2024.  Information about the change will be published in due course.

A live availability calendar for Liston Hall rooms is online here, accessible by everyone 24 hours a day. Alternatively please visit the office or call 01628 472558.

The main rooms and the kitchen can be hired 7 days a week in 4 hour sessions:


  •      9am to 1pm

  •      2pm to 6pm

  •      7pm to 11pm


Session combinations are possible and are charged as the sum of the individual session rates, with the hour in between included at no extra charge. If your requirements don't fit this pattern, please contact the office as some flexibility may be possible.


The Bruce Room is available on an hourly basis with a minimum hire period of 2 hours.


Provisional bookings can be made on request and will be held for 14 days. A completed and signed booking form is needed with a deposit payment before your booking is confirmed (except for sections and affiliates using the online booking system). 


For MCA Sections and Affiliates who wish to book online, information is available here.

For all other cases, to get a form:

  • download it here (see Note)

  • complete the booking form request on this page to receive a form by email or post

  • contact the office

For the latter two options, if you specify the room(s), date and times you would like, a provisional booking will be made and held for 14 days.

The booking form can be completed electronically in Adobe Reader or a browser with the appropriate settings and returned as an email attachment.   It can also be printed for completion by hand and returned to the office as a scanned attachment or, if necessary, sent on paper. You are advised to save a copy for reference and for the Booking Conditions it includes.

Note - the file name of the downloaded pdf will be a ridiculously long string of numbers and letters. You can rename it to something sensible if you wish, keeping the pdf suffix.


Booking form request

Thanks! Message sent.

Booking Conditions


Please note that the mandatory Booking Conditions have recently been updated with enhanced Fire Prevention and accident reporting measures and will be applied to ALL bookings regardless of when they were made.  Changes are highlighted in red in the relevant documents and noted below in Enhanced Safety measures.


Booking conditions are detailed here. You will also need to be aware of the Evacuation Procedures,  the location of the Emergency Exits and What to Do in the Case of a Fire as these aspects are your responsibility when you hire a room.

All these documents are part of the Booking Form which you will be required to read, sign and deliver to the office together with a deposit of 1/3 of the hire charge to confirm your booking.

On key collection, a separate security deposit of £100 or £200 depending on the type of event.    The deposit will be returned 7 days after the event with the cost of any damage or loss deducted. Please note that these payments must now be by debit or credit card and that the payment and the refund will be processed as two separate transactions.


We have prepared Additional Information for Hirers, which supports the Conditions of Hire and gives additional guidance on what is expected before, during and after a hire.  Please click the link to review and download it.

We would in particular draw your attention to the following areas:

  • Alcohol - if you wish to provide alcohol, please be aware that it cannot be sold in any way (including offering a 'free' glass with a paid-for entry ticket) unless you have been granted a Temporary Event Notice.  Marlow Community Association has an arrangement with Wycombe District Council for a limited number of Temporary Event Notices.  If you plan to ‘sell’ alcohol, you must first contact the office to confirm that sufficient Notices are available for the premises. You must then apply to Wycombe District Council for a Temporary Event Notice in your name. If granted, a copy of the notice must be sent to the office before the event and another copy displayed during the event.

  • Keys - you must collect the keys you need from the office no later than the morning of your hire, or the preceding Thursday morning for weekend hires. As stated above, a returnable key and damage deposit of £200/£100 is required at that time, payable by card.  Please check office opening hours to ensure you can collect your keys in time.  We may call you to remind you if you haven't picked up keys, but this is just a courtesy if time permits and is not a normal part of the procedure. It will not usually be possible for keys to be picked up outside office hours and no refunds will be made if events are disrupted because keys have not been picked up. Keys should be returned immediately after the event through the letterbox outside the main door of the hall.  It is the responsibility of the person completing the booking form to ensure that whoever will be opening up the hall/rooms for the event understands and complies with the arrangements for picking up and returning keys.

  • Enhanced Safety measures
    -   Internal fire doors (e.g. from entrance hall to Main Hall and to Garden Room) must not be wedged or propped open.
    -   All accidents must be reported to the office immediately, in person if the office is open or in writing. Accident report forms are in the First Aid boxes in the Kitchen and the Thames Room.

  • Cleaning - the hirer is responsible for ensuring that the rooms, including floors, are left in a clean and tidy state at the end of a hire, with furniture & equipment cleaned and returned as it was at the start. Brooms are available in the cupboard in the entrance hall and a mop and bucket is kept in the ladies toilet.  All bins must be emptied and all rubbish must be removed from Liston Hall and taken home at the end of a hire. There is no bin outside or in the car park for waste. Penalty charges will be applied if we have to undertake additional cleaning or dispose of rubbish. 

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