Main Hall

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Current legislation & our guidelines must be observed by all attendees and at all times. See here for details.


The capacity of the room is currently limited to 75 people, who must all wear face coverings when moving around (unless exempt) and who must maintain social distancing between groups of 6 people or 2 households.  Details of the maximum number of attendees and how social distancing will be managed are required when you make a booking.

The piano, sound system, projectors etc are not available except by special request .

Additional procedures have been put in place regarding access routes, handling furniture, use of the kitchen and toilets etc.
Please see here for details.

The Main Hall is our largest room and is used for a variety of events including weddings, parties, large meetings, open days, company promotions, sales, shows, classes and many other events.  It is a big space - a bouncy castle can fit inside!


It can accommodate up to 200 people or 175 people seated in theatre style. If seating is arranged around tables, then a comfortable maximum is about 120 people. The room has a wood effect floor, making it very suitable for dancing.  A noise limiter is installed (for the benefit of our neighbours) and cannot be switched off.  


The room is equipped with 175 stacking chairs. 33 6 ft trestle tables, 4 smaller tables and portable staging are also available. The Hall has a hatch to the kitchen. 

There is disabled access to the Main Hall.

As in all the rooms, free Wi-Fi is available. There is a piano, a sound system, a digital projector, a lectern and a flipchart stand available to book (keys are required). A large plain wall serves as a screen for projected presentations.