Marlow Community Association established Liston Hall as a Covid-secure venue at the start of the pandemic and continues to work hard to maintain that status. In addition to our normal Booking Conditions, we have Covid-related Conditions & Guidelines which are mandatory for every event. These will continue to be strictly applied and need to be agreed to and signed by all hirers.

As the pandemic and government guidelines have stablised somewhat, we no longer have a separate Statement of Permitted Use. Instead, all the relevant conditions & information are now incorporated into the Covid Booking Conditions, which take precedence over the normal Booking Conditions if contradictions arise. While the checklist of conditions for hirers appears to be longer than before, this is purely because of the consolidation of the two documents.  No new requirements have been introduced.

In addition, relevant guidance is given throughout the site in red, describing the changes that Covid continues to make to our normal way of working, as well as necessary behaviour and precautions to protect all hirers and staff and to ensure the building remains Covid-safe.


Please follow the link to view & download Covid Booking Conditions January 2022  

​​It is now more important than ever that our Covid conditions are strictly adhered to, to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Summary of key points


Most event types are likely to be permitted; however there may be exceptions.


​ Hirers should contact the office to check capacity limits for their event.

Ventilation must be maximised.

One way systems and separate entrances for each room remain. Only key holders and Garden Room users may use the main door. Everyone using the Main Hall (except the key holder) must continue to use the double doors that open towards the car park.


All available hygiene measures (sanitiser etc) must be used by all attendees.

Everyone, unless medically exempt or a child of 12 or under, MUST wear a face covering at all times, even when seated, unless actively eating or drinking.

Face coverings must adequately cover the nose and mouth; a visor is not sufficient.

People should do their best to stay within a small group, and minimise interaction with others.

The hirer is responsible for informing attendees of the conditions and ensuring compliance.

A register of attendees, including organisers, is required and must be delivered to the office.

The hirer should do their best to clean any equipment, furniture and other touch points.

​​​​Hirers may of course apply additional measures as they see fit e.g. vaccination status checks, lateral flow test checks, stricter limitations on numbers, booked time slots etc.  

Each booking will be assessed to ensure that it will be conducted in a way that complies with the law and current guidelines.  The Association reserves the right to refuse any booking that is or might be in contravention of the conditions.

The security deposit may be forfeit if any breaches of the conditions occur or if it is felt that the event introduced avoidable risks.

Liston Hall’s cancellation penalties as stated in the normal Booking Conditions are in force.  However if the rules change and MCA has to cancel paid-for bookings, refunds will be given.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns.