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Health & Safety

Marlow Community Association (“the Association”) is proud that it has been able to maintain Liston Hall as a Covid-safe environment throughout the pandemic and will continue to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the health and safety of everyone entering the building.

It is hoped that all hirers and event organisers will also do their best to ensure that they and all attendees stay safe when using Liston Hall, taking into account all aspects of the health & safety of staff, hirers and visitors.

General safety & monitoring

You should be aware that Liston Hall is equipped with CCTV cameras, both inside and outside the building.  This enables activity and unauthorised entry to be monitored and incidents investigated if necessary.  The footage is not available for viewing by a hirer or member of the public, but on one or two occasions, it has been necessary to provide footage to the police.


Please be aware of people coming and going in the building - if you don't know why they're there,  please ask (while keeping safe yourself of course).


If you are holding an event for children or other vulnerable individuals, be careful about leaving doors open and unlocked. If you feel it necessary to lock the front door for this reason, please leave the key in the lock on the inside so the exit is not obstructed.

Fire Safety

MCA has recently had new internal fire doors fitted between the entrance hall and the Main Hall and the entrance hall and the Garden Room. The door to the kitchen is also a fire door as are the hatches from the kitchen to the Garden Room & to the Hall.

It is vitally important that these doors are open only when in active use and are not wedged or propped open at any time.  Not only does this prevent the fire doors acting as smoke and flame barriers if needed, but it also distorts the hinges and damages the doors. It may also impact on any potential insurance claim. 


This is now stated as an explicit condition of hire (Section 7 here) - any hirer found to be in breach is liable to have their security deposit withheld.


Fire extinguishers are available around the building. Please read the Evacuation instructions which are part of the booking form and are available here.

Infection control

While Covid has become a more-or-less routine part of life, it and other infections, whether viral or bacterial, can still be very unpleasant and potentially dangerous to vulnerable groups in the community.  The following guidelines, initially introduced for Covid, are equally applicable for more general infection control and should be considered for every event.

  • Face coverings should be worn if wanted and if it would make others feel more comfortable. Bear in mind that while a mask worn by a healthy person provides some protection,  they are most effective when worn by a person with a possible infection.

  • All available hygiene measures (sanitiser etc) should be used. Thorough hand washing and regular use of sanitiser are very effectove in preventing the spread of infection.

  • Anyone who has or may have an infectious illness or are in a household with someone who has should not attend.

  • Ventilation should be maximised. If outside doors are open, please be aware of the security risks.

Accident & incident reporting

As stated in the booking conditions, section 7, any accident or incident that occurs in the building must be reported immediately to the office, either in person if it's open or using an accident report form. These can be found in the First Aid kits in the Kitchen and the Thames Room.

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