Marlow Community Association (“the Association”) is proud that it has maintained Liston Hall as a Covid-safe environment throughout the pandemic and will continue to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure the health and safety of everyone entering the building.

It is hoped that all hirers and event organisers will also do their best to ensure that they and all attendees stay safe when using Liston Hall.  To help with this responsibility, we have a Covid Guidelines document. While this document is no longer part of the contractual conditions for hirers and a signature is not required, we strongly encourage all hirers to read it and follow the guidelines.

Please follow the link to view & download Covid Guidelines May 2022

Summary of key points


Attendees & organisers should be encouraged to wear face coverings if they wish to and if it would make others feel more comfortable.

Ventilation should be maximised.

All available hygiene measures (sanitiser etc) should be used by all attendees.


Those who have or may have Covid or are in a household with someone who has should not attend.

​​​​Hirers may of course apply additional measures as they see fit e.g. vaccination status checks, lateral flow test checks, limitations on numbers, booked time slots etc. 

Liston Hall’s cancellation penalties as stated in the normal Booking Conditions are in force.  However if the rules change and MCA has to cancel paid-for bookings, refunds will be given.

Please contact the office for information about any possible current restrictions or if you have any questions or concerns.